Cocker Spaniels Colors

One of the most fascinating aspect of the Cocker Spaniels colors it is the many variation and markings.

They come in solid colors like, Buff, Black, Red and Brown(Chocolate), Sable, Silver, Blue Roan, Cream and Golden.

Cocker Spaniel Variation of Colors
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In all of them white feet on a solid color is undesirable; a little white on the chest and neck is acceptable.

Black with Tan marks and Liver with Tan marks are also considered solid colors.

Then come the beautiful Parti Colors; like Red and White, Black and White, White and Black with White Points, Brown and White, Buff and White, Blue Roan and Tan and Sable and White.

An we cannot forget the incredible Tri Color Coat like the Black White and Tan and Brown White and Tan.

The Parti colors in the Cocker Spaniels Colors are either ticked, clearly marked or roaned.

It is preferable that solid markers be broken on the body and more or less evenly distributed; absence of body makers are unacceptable.

The Cocker Spaniel Colors -Solid Colors.Dog

Buff Coat Color

These Cocker Spaniels Colors are one of the most common and classic look everyone thinks of , when you decide that a Cocker is the right breed for you.


Red Color

It is very similar to the buff, but darker and deeperDog

Black Color.

This is the second most common Cocker Spaniel Color.

Some also carrying a small amount of white in the neck and chest.

DogBlack and Tan Color

Is just a Black Cocker with Tan Points


Brown or Chocolate Color.

This is one of the most beautiful coat colors in a Cocker Spaniel, very elegant and sweet.

They can have a small amount of white in the chest or neck.


Brown and Tan Color

This is an elegant color and it is simply the Brown or Chocolate Color Coat with Tan points.

The breed standard says that the tan points shouldn't cover more than 10% of the dog's body.


Silver Color

It's almost white, but not quite they are really just a very light shade of buff


Sable Color

Black fur mixed in with other non-white colors is one tip-off that you might be looking at a sable.

CockerBlue Roan

In dogs,roan manifests itself only in no pigmented areas, the presence and shape of which are determined by other gene.

I am a cute Liver-Chocolate Roan Cocker Spaniel
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We can see Blue Roan, Liver Roan. Orange Roan, Red Roan. Lemon Roan.
I am a cute Orange Roan Cocker Spaniel
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Dogs with roaning or ticking are born with clear, open white markings which begin to fill in with flecking in the subsequent weeks and continue to darken with age.

The roan or ticked color is described in many breeds of gundogs such as English Cocker Spaniels, American Cocker Spaniels, and is Official Breed Standard for The English Cocker Spaniel and approved by the American Kennel Club.

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