Parti Cocker Spaniels Colors

Parti Cocker Spaniels or particolor is one of the three variations of colors mixes that are acceptable by this breed.They come in black and white, brown and white, red and white, tri-color ,etc.

The term ‘ticked’ is used when small flecks of colour are present in the white, for example black and white ticked.and brown and white.

If you have decided that a Cocker Spaniel is the breed for you and you have the time and money to devote to this lovely dog then it is essential to contact a reputable breeder.

Here I will post for you some beautiful Parti Cocker Spaniels Color Pictures in order to identify them and make your best decision if you decide that your loyal companion will be one of the dogs of this fabulous Cockers Family.

Cocker Spaniel red sable parti
Alt Text—Cocker Spaniel Pictures
American White and Brown
Alt Text—Cocker Spaniel Pictures

Cocker Spaniel White and Red
Alt Text—Cocker Spaniel Pictures
Cocker Spaniel chocolate tricolor
Alt Text—Cocker Spaniel Nutrition

Cocker Spaniel Black and White
Alt Text—Cocker Spaniel Pictures

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Cocker Spaniel Tricolor
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